How much you can expect to make from your niche site

This section is meant to be an estimate and general guideline. Results can and do vary. But I want to give you a basic idea of how much money an average person can expect to earn with a niche website at various milestones, if they’ve put in the work and done things the right way.

In the beginning

For the first month or 2 don’t expect any earnings at all unless you are heavily promoting your site and building backlinks. Even then I wouldn’t expect much.

3 months

After 3 solid months of blogging the right way, you can start looking for your first sales from Amazon. It’s certainly no guarantee, but this is around the time it happened for me. I started seeing regular clicks on my links and once that happens it’s only a matter of time until one of them becomes a sale.

Even so, we’re talking a few dollars a month.

6 months

At 6 months you should be out of the infamous “Google Sandbox” that holds you back for about 5-6 months. Google wants to make sure you are trustworthy before it starts ranking your articles.

This is when things start to pick up and get exciting. You may be getting anywhere from 10-100 organic visitors each day. Depending on the types of articles that are getting traffic and how you’ve structured your site, you’ll should be getting regular sales now.

How much money per month? Still not a lot but likely $50-$250 each month IF you’ve done things correctly and worked your butt off along the way.

12 months

After a year you can be making some significant money. By significant I mean enough for a car payment or even your rent, it all depends. I was making about $400/mo at this point between 2 sites. Honestly it would’ve been more if I’d put all of the effort into just one site.

Assuming that you continue adding content on a regular basis and update old content, your income should start growing exponentially from here.

The below screenshot is my second December with Amazon Associates, about 15 months in. It only includes Amazon U.S. and doesn’t include my ad revenue or other affiliate networks that I use.

I always expect new websites to continue on this growth curve.

As you can see from the below screenshot which marks 18 months, things can really start moving fast after the one year mark. I was able to double my revenue in just 3 months.

24 months and beyond

After about 2.5 years of blogging and being a niche website owner, I was able to quit my day job and become a blogger and affiliate marketer full time!

In reality, it may take up to 3 years or longer to reach a full time income. However, is 3 years really that long? It’s less time than it takes to get a bachelors degree, and you don’t end up with student loan debt. On top of that, you’ll own your own business, set your own pay, and be able to work from home doing something you enjoy.

Here’s an example of one days earnings, for one website, from just one source.