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To make passive income with a niche website

The basic the process of building a niche website that can earn you money each and every month is as follows.

1. Build

This includes everything from researching and choosing a niche, registering a domain name, purchasing web hosting, installing WordPress, installing and customizing a theme, adding the necessary pages, and anything else that prepares your site for publishing.

2. Grow

At this point you grow your site by adding content in the for of blog posts. This is where keyword research and SEO come into play.

3. Monetize

Once you understand the growth part and are getting some traffic in, you can start thinking about monetizing your website with display ads. You may have already added affiliate links to your content as you were creating it.

4. Profit

When built and monetized in the right way, a niche website can not only give you a little side cash to help pay your bills but eventually replace your full-time income.

That’s a very high overview of what I do to earn money from my niche websites.

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