Buying a Niche Website Case Study Update (5X Earnings)

It’s been about 5 months since I purchased a site and wrote this article about it. If you haven’t read that, go back and read it real quick so this post will make more sense. But basically I bought a site for $7k in March of this year with the intent of growing it and possibly flipping it down the road. In this article I’m just going to give a quick update on what I’ve accomplished with this site in the last 5 months.

Quick update on this website

This site was in the pets niche about 2 years old when I bought it, so it’s just around 2.5 years old now.

Site overview then

-Traffic: 25k pageviews/month
-Income: $213/month
-Article count: 298

Site overview now

-Traffic: 34k pageviews/month
-Income: $1172/last 30 days
-Article count: 352

That’s a 5x increase in revenue with only a 45% increase in traffic. The traffic actually was closer to 40k page views but it has declined a bit. That’s fine though because I know that a bunch of new content is in the pipeline.

Why such a dramatic difference in revenue? I monetized the site better. I got the site up past 30k page views and added it to my Adthrive account then I tweaked the affiliate side of things just a bit. I did spend some time on older content, but for the most part I got it to “good enough” then moved on. It’s not going to be worth my time to rewrite every article, especially if some are doing ok traffic-wise. I keep my eyes forward and try not to look back too often, it slows me down.

What I’ve done to the site (content added)

I didn’t really add much new content to the site for the first few months, I wanted to just monitor it for a little while first. Starting in June though I began to add new content and have added over 50 articles in the last couple of months.

I’m not seeing a lot of activity from them yet because they’re still so new, but as you can see from the screenshot below there is stuff happening. I’m ranking for 35 more searches in the top 3 and 42 more in the top 10. I expect that to continue to climb in the coming months.

Most of the content I’ve added has been purely informational, but I am sprinkling in some affiliate content as well. Without even counting this new content I’ve added that hasn’t ranked yet I’m confident I could flip this site today for 5x what I paid for it… easily. Multiples are higher than ever and a site like this that’s already on Adthrive would bring a strong one, of that I’m quite sure.

Future plans

For now I’m going to keep adding new content and waiting for the site to grow. I’m using my same strategies that I use on my other sites and I know this site will continue to grow. Once I reach a certain level with site, I’m haven’t decided what that is yet, I’ll decide whether or not I want to sell or hang on to it.

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