14 Alternative Job Titles For Bloggers

If you make it to where you’re a full-time blogger, what would you tell people that you do for a living when asked? The average person doesn’t even know that being a blogger can make you a nice living, it sounds like a hobby. In this article we’re going to look at some alternative job titles for bloggers.

14 alternative job titles for bloggers

I usually like to say something more professional, and even a little bit more impressive sounding than “blogger”, when asked what I do for a living. I own the company after all and can call myself anything I want.

Over the last few months, I’ve been coming up with some better sounding job titles than simply “I’m a blogger” or “I build websites”. If you’ve made it to the point of having a successful blog, then you deserve to make up your own job title. You probably wear more hats than you realize if you built your blog by yourself.

Here are some job title ideas for bloggers that are all accurate job descriptions for most of us!

1. Digital publisher

As bloggers, we publish things digitally to our blogs and the internet.

2. Own an SEO company

If you are relying on organic traffic using SEO, and making money from it, then as far as I’m concerned you own an SEO business.

3. Online content marketer

Bloggers create content, the content is used for marketing purposes so the blogger can be compensated for their efforts.

4. SEO strategist

This one sounds pretty cool. We strategize with SEO in mind every time we start the keyword research process all the way until when we hit publish.

5. Chief editor for an online publication

If you own the site you are by default the editor-in-chief.

6. Director of content

You also are in charge of everything related to content. Even if you have outsourced entire sites, someone is running things according to what you’ve told them.

7. Website investments

Simply saying “I’m in website investments” sounds ok. I probably wouldn’t go with this one though.

8. Digital asset planner

This is a fancy way of saying I’m a blogger.

9. Brand manager

There’s no denying that any good blog is branded well. The brands identity is important and needs to stay consistent.

10. Digital advertising

As a blogger, I sometimes tell people that I’m involved in digital advertising. I play my part in the online ad world as a blogger that creates more ad space to advertise on.

11. Affiliate marketing

Many people may have heard of affiliate marketing. The relationship between online sellers and affiliates that we see today has been around since the mid 90s.

12. SEO Manager

You manage the SEO on your website, thus you are an SEO manager.

13. Digital marketer

This is about as ambiguous as we can get and is pretty all encompassing, but it sounds like you work a corporate job.

14. Content strategist

Bloggers plan and strategize the content for optimal results.

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